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hax0r mak000000r
j00lz is teh n00b f0r m4kin lam0r hax0rs f0r cs
by SBR January 28, 2004
a typo of pwned which is a typo of owned

wpned is only used by the trully 1337
i wpned u on de_aztec
by sbr February 01, 2004
2nd in pwnage of teh world
dynamo spirit is nearly teh 1337 as me
by SBR January 28, 2004
a gay fag who tinks is is 1337 but tis actually l33t
look teh is peano teh nub
by SBR January 28, 2004
teh 1337357 d00d in <5
whoa sbr u is teh l33test ever
by SBR January 28, 2004
Used in counter strike

Desert Eagle
omg llamas buy de's 1st round
by sbr January 25, 2004
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