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Short for "silent but funny" in Internet chats. Used as an alternative to LOL, where something is funny, but is appreciated without actually laughing out loud.
Bob: Dude, my gf made me shave all over. Now I can't stop itching.

Jim: sbf - nice.
by Bacon Curlers October 01, 2009
10 24
Single Black Female; an expression typically found in personal ads.
Hello, SBF looking for a relaxing and pleasurable time...
by Repetitive Redundancy July 02, 2006
266 125
To communicate splash back in a manner more acceptable to the general public, use the acronym, S.B.F or Splash Back Factor. Typically, rated on a scale from 1-10, the S.B.F. can be viewed as a way to rate the degree of your splash-backedness.
Henderson: (walking out of bathroom)

Juanita: So did all of that Kashi Go-Lean make for a serious shiz break?

Henderson: Hellz yah! I'd give it a S.B.F. of 6.9!!!!

by sarahXwray March 30, 2008
14 2
Surprise Butt Fucked. When you don't see butt sex coming. Its not rape, its surprise butt sex
Dude: I saw that guy on tv get sbf
by Jenyen January 06, 2011
41 38
Saggy. Boobs. Foundation. S.B.F. is short for saying a girl has saggy boobs.
Dude, she needs to get help from the S.B.F. because those hang too low.

by Ramkevyon February 02, 2010
4 7
Summer Boyfriend
Girl "Hey, are you serious yet?"
Other girl " Hell no, hes just my sbf"
by Lililanly Smith June 12, 2011
7 12
acronym for "Shes Beast Fool"
It can pertain to an ugly girl, ugly car, or all things ugly.
"This fat chick, Jen, SBF!"
by NO DIC3 December 07, 2009
46 52
Stripper Best Friend

A person that you can relate with in your job, trust, and make money with.
HIM: "do you know her?"

ME: "ofcourse!! thats my sbf!!'
by Chasepaper March 31, 2010
11 25