Short for "silent but funny" in Internet chats. Used as an alternative to LOL, where something is funny, but is appreciated without actually laughing out loud.
Bob: Dude, my gf made me shave all over. Now I can't stop itching.

Jim: sbf - nice.
by Bacon Curlers October 01, 2009
Top Definition
Single Black Female; an expression typically found in personal ads.
Hello, SBF looking for a relaxing and pleasurable time...
by Repetitive Redundancy July 02, 2006
'Straight Best Friend'. For Gay people who have a best friend who is straight as a ruler ;)
Girl: OMG Your are my GBF!

Gay Friend: And your my SBF!
by smokeajeffrey October 27, 2014
To communicate splash back in a manner more acceptable to the general public, use the acronym, S.B.F or Splash Back Factor. Typically, rated on a scale from 1-10, the S.B.F. can be viewed as a way to rate the degree of your splash-backedness.
Henderson: (walking out of bathroom)

Juanita: So did all of that Kashi Go-Lean make for a serious shiz break?

Henderson: Hellz yah! I'd give it a S.B.F. of 6.9!!!!

by sarahXwray March 30, 2008
Surprise Butt Fucked. When you don't see butt sex coming. Its not rape, its surprise butt sex
Dude: I saw that guy on tv get sbf
by Jenyen January 06, 2011
Saggy. Boobs. Foundation. S.B.F. is short for saying a girl has saggy boobs.
Dude, she needs to get help from the S.B.F. because those hang too low.

by Ramkevyon February 02, 2010
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