Stripper Best Friend

A person that you can relate with in your job, trust, and make money with.
HIM: "do you know her?"

ME: "ofcourse!! thats my sbf!!'
by Chasepaper March 31, 2010
Short for "silent but funny" in Internet chats. Used as an alternative to LOL, where something is funny, but is appreciated without actually laughing out loud.
Bob: Dude, my gf made me shave all over. Now I can't stop itching.

Jim: sbf - nice.
by Bacon Curlers October 01, 2009
short for 'spazzy bitch face' used to descibe someone who is annoying and two faced. Used for online chat.
'she is such a sbf'
'she was talking to me, acting like friends an tht, then she walked out the door and two seconds later i could her laughing to her other friends bout how much she hates me!'
'what a sbf'
by catflap April 16, 2010
Sun Bathing Frog; refers to frogs that sunbathe in fountains in the Mental Wards of Hospitals and they always think they are better than you just because they are sunbathing.
-"Did you see SBF today?"
-"Yeah, that frog's a kyke."
by AJ_Kestel July 10, 2008
Short for Sexy Boyfriend
Hey sbf, thanks for taking me to outback last night.
by 5150photo February 17, 2008
SBF; shan't be f*cked; an abbreviation of the slightly more formal version of CBF can't be f*cked; common msn slang.
In an msn conversation:
"Ey are you gonna study for that test tomorrow?"
"Nah, I sbf man."
by lålå May 06, 2006
Sassy Black Freind
Your my SBF
by %100% April 30, 2015

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