String Between Cans.
A primitive form of communication.
A reference to a major telecommunications company whose origins include the words Southwestern and Bell.

Also "Sodomized By Cowboys" having to do with the Texas based corporate headquarters and the company's tendancy to screw the employees.
I tried to make a phone call, but the connection was so shitty that I figured that I must have been using an SBC connection. When I called to complain, some horse fucker said it must me my own hardware.
by Joe Shmo November 18, 2003
Strawberry Clock. The name that eventually became a so-called leader for the Clock Crew, although he had not realy contributed anything other then the spark that began the whole thing.
I don't think SBC really made "Noodle Salad"; it just does not seem possible for him to make a new movie and a hacked account!
by Tofu Clock December 04, 2006
Santana Block Crips a street gang that distributed large quantities of cocaine that were later sold to narcotics dealers in middle America
by VAKI5 August 17, 2003
Suburban Bratchny Crew
Dude I'm scared, I heard the sbc is going to annihilate me and harm my mother.
by L-box January 05, 2004
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