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Satan's Bastard Child
A Piss poor ISP.
The dsl service provided by S.B.C. is hell to deal with
by Icenate March 17, 2004
5 14
Soul-less, blood-sucking creature.
Barack Obama is an SBC.
by sonnytruelove October 12, 2008
9 19
Shmooze, Booze, Cruise. In other words, being highly social, drinking often and playing the room. Refers to what's to be done at parties, mixers, bars, etc.
John: What's the deal with this party tonight?

Craig: Standard SBC, my friend!
by dreezymac August 07, 2007
2 12
Stands for Sex in the Butt Crack (in other words, anal sex) Also can be used as Señor Butt Crack, but hearing that is rare. It is mostly Sex in the Butt Crack.
Zeke: Dude! You just got SBC'd by Señor Butt Crack!

Dylan: I know! Man, I hate that SBC guy, always SBCing everything he sees.
by Señor Butt Crack November 10, 2005
2 12
1.)Southern bell corporation. A texas based company that bought out the great Pacific Bell(Pacbell) destroying the life of many of its employees.
S ucks
B alls
C onstantly
1.)Sbc takes over then promptly f*ucks eveybodies retirement.
2.)Erik J. SBC so hit him up if you like that kind of thing.
by A concerned bystander September 01, 2005
7 17
actually you idiots, it stands for "Southern Bell Company" Formerly known as "Pacific Bell", who just purchased At&t. SBC is also owner of cell phone company "Cingular Wireless"
"I wish I had SBC at home cause VERIZON SUCKS MY DICK!"
by rob $ April 13, 2005
11 21
String Between Cans.
A primitive form of communication.
A reference to a major telecommunications company whose origins include the words Southwestern and Bell.

Also "Sodomized By Cowboys" having to do with the Texas based corporate headquarters and the company's tendancy to screw the employees.
I tried to make a phone call, but the connection was so shitty that I figured that I must have been using an SBC connection. When I called to complain, some horse fucker said it must me my own hardware.
by Joe Shmo November 18, 2003
16 26