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A girl or boy who plays saxaphone that is sexy in a band geeky/nerdy way
:band geek: "Damn! Max is saxy with his glasses on!" :jocker: "What the hell is wrong with you......"
by MyHeadHurts October 14, 2007
33 27
An abbreviation and combination of both "saxophone" and "sexy".

Originating from Eurovision 2010 with the performance of "Run Away" by SunStroke Project & Olia Tira. The saxophone guy from the Sunstroke Project played the saxophone while humping and groovin'. Therefore being Saxy!
That's the epic sax guy.

I can't stand it, his too saxy!

The saxyness is just emanating from him like gold.
by DanceMoves June 13, 2010
13 9
gods gift to the human race. If someone is saxy he is the man he overules all except god itself. he is sexy, intelligent, inspiring, irrasistable
danm that boy is saxy
by da saxyman August 30, 2010
12 9
A person who has a mullet, gets lots of sacks on the football field, and looks good doing it.
Fan 1- Damn, Jared Allen tore it up today

Fan 2- Yeah... He's saxy
by bdaddy33 July 15, 2010
10 13
A girl/boy who plays saxaphone and is sexy in a nerdy/geeky way
Damn, Max is saxy with his glasses on!
by MyHeadHurts October 14, 2007
7 12