Chicago's American League team more formally known as the Chicago White Sox. The 'Sax' play in Sax Perk, more formally known as US Cellular Field.
Dese guys had two, t'ree beers while watchin' da Sax.
by grotos 27 May 27, 2005
Slang for testicles and derived from sacks.
1:"lik my sax, fag"
1:"in the end, he rly did lix sax."
by 9h3y N3wß October 25, 2007
The noun "sax" can refer to the entire saxaphone family of not-so-musical instruments, and generally refers to the most common "sax", that being the alto saxaphone. It was abbriviated in order to not be so long as to confuse the already-addled minds of those who actually enjoy playing the instrument.
"If you honk that sax one more time, I'ma gonna take it and throw it in the bay!"
by Konrad July 27, 2004

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