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Alt, sauny. To be contrary or miffed, but in denial about it. People who are sawny often try to hide this fact, and the condition is exacerbated by others noticing and calling attention to it. Sawniness may also be caused by false accusations of sawniness.

Possibly derived from Sawney, an English nickname for a Scotsman.
"What's her problem? He hasn't said anything, and he just smiles when I say anything to him."

"He's probably just sawny."
#contrary #crooked #pissed #sooky #sawney #sauny
by mystyron May 07, 2010
being fake sorry
I'm super sawny that I hurt your feelings. But not really.
#not sorry #fake sorry #sarcastic sorry #arrogant #tongue in cheek
by DJZeke May 22, 2014
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