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A petty, jealous, narrow-minded individual full of vitriol.
person X - I just got accepted to Harvard!

person Y - You only got in because of your family's name and connections! Did mommy and daddy make a donation on your behalf to get you in? I'll bet you'll flunk out after a semester! It's so childish to go to an Ivy League School. Podunk State* is just as good! I don't compensate for my insecurities by attending a fancy school! Any moron can get into Harvard anyway!

(person Y walks away in a huff)

person X - Yeesh... what a savi.

*person Y happens to attend Podunk State.
by caspol June 09, 2006
A nickname for the name Savannah or Savanna
Hey look! It's Savi!
by cloverdaygirl July 07, 2010
Savis's are all around amazing people with great personalities. Savis's usually have great hair and great bodies, but don't flaunt it. At times the will flaunt, but mostly they are humble about who they are and what they look like. Savis's are super intelligent but dont like to show it. They are caring, loving, and are mostly taken advantaged of. Savis's, in their life will have one big change, most of the time it has to do with who they are or their personality, whether its changing from being a complete dick or becoming the sweetest person on the face of this earth. Their love is unconditional and they fall in love easily and hold on for longer than normal.They are usually very good kissers and it doesn't take much for you to fall in love with them. Savis's are very athletic and have a disadvantage over the other players because their just so handsome that everyone stops what they are doing and stares. True story. All in all Savis's are amazing and you'd be one hell of an idiot to let them out of you site.
Girl 1: "Omg. Who is that guy?"
Girl 2: "I dont know, but I bet his name is Savis. Just look at him.."
Girl 1: "You're right. God hes hot."
by lilo23 March 10, 2012
A loud noise
"SAVI" shouted the girl
by Savi March 08, 2003
A girl for "an island nation"<jamaican accent>.......cah <bird sound>
Come to Jamaca mon!

<long pause>

by Benzito April 10, 2005
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