Lauren is my little savage for giving the guy with the mole at CPK Pepperanne's phone number (reject line).. and having a happ trail..and dumping on the phone w/me
...how u like that laur-hore luv ya !!!
by Pepper Anne July 02, 2004
a mouse that smells really bad
its a mouse that smells really bad
by ben wood November 25, 2003
1)...Lauren M
2)Behaving or ancting like Lauren in any form, shape or manner.

3)Conducting yourself in a way that is so funny...you cause PepperAnne to piss her pants
Lauren is my little savage for dumping on the phone w/me... having a happy trail...and liking it!
how u like that laur-hore
luv ya!!!
RETARD shhhh don't tell anyone
by PepperAnne July 02, 2004
gay word used by stupid nor-cal fucks who are trying to say something or someone is sick.
yo, that is hella savage bro.
by haycat May 14, 2006
A synonym of African.
Savages never created anything.
by Aegil September 18, 2004
Verb: Doing something that everyone wants to, but never really has the guts to do it.
Noun: someone referred to as daring and astonishing.
I can't believe you did that, that was savage!
When I heard what Clark did over summer, I knew he was a savage!
by Chase Feather November 26, 2014
A guy that hooks up with many girls or gets around and the girls are unaware.
The basketball players are savage. They have a different girl in their bed every night.
by savage1000 October 08, 2014

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