some one who does animal like or obnoxious things to another person
"john your a savage for telling tara that she has a fat ass"
by t o mm y September 08, 2005
someone so utterly disgusting to look at, talk to, be in the general area with, etc, that you wouldnt even pass him or her off to an enemy
God damn, look at that girl, what a fuckin savage
by tripletees November 09, 2003
peaches and his bloods
peaches and his bloods are savage
by h-2-o February 05, 2004
having any kind of negative food-borne or food-caused reaction, especially diarrhea or extreme nausea/vomiting.
i didn't get off the toilet all night, man. i got the fuckin' savages!
by don't-eat-at-h2 May 09, 2009
ugly (applies only to females)
that bird is savage
by Samir March 04, 2004
african american or a gangster.
my savage, chill with dat not fly shit.
by jadakiss March 26, 2005
1)...lauren M

2)Acting or behaving like Lauren in any shape, form, state or matter.

3)Conducting yourfelf in a way so halirious you make Pepperanne pee her pants... if not have a stroke or kidney failure
Lauren is my little savage for dumping on the phone w/me...having a happy trail...and likeing it!!!
how ya like that Laur-hore
luv ya!!!
RETARD shhhhhh don't tell anyone
by PepperAnne July 02, 2004

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