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6 definitions by margarita

When you think you have to shit a solid, but half of it explodes out your ass and splashes back up on you.
Dude, get the fuck out of the way, I am about to shiarrea everywhere!!!
by Margarita April 15, 2005
4 0
Another word for a drug that keeps chicks stable all the time.
Ginger, do you have a lexaho? I need one now before I freak the fuck out!!!!
No worries, we're all on Lexaho these days.
by Margarita April 15, 2005
5 3
You know one of those lil' kids who right run by you with out thinking twice about it?>
Or one of them ppl who don't do simple things like normal ppl
lil savage took a bite of my corndog and ran off before i turned back around with the mustard
by margarita January 21, 2004
2 4
a.k.a. holten arms the biggests hors in the dc area
whatever they are retards
by margarita December 18, 2004
22 25
when the someone cums it is an act of chazzin,
"what is that? did someone chazz on your face?"
"ooooooh your gonna make me chazz"
by margarita January 21, 2004
26 54
A chick that is young, but looks like she is about sixty. She has an old lady haircut, tight granny high-water faded black jeans. Thick glasses and mass quantities of blackheads on her nose. Oh, and she actually thinks that she is cool!!!
I thought that you retired at 60, oh no that's just an Edna.
by Margarita April 14, 2005
52 154