Describes EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, used for anything, just nothing that is "retarted" or "un-saucey".
Nick: Dude that fat ass over there is wearing a thong!


Nick: Holy shit dude, look at that chick with that hot ass over there!

Jake: BEEFY!

Mike: Shut the fuck up you stupid butt pirate...

by Saucey4EvZ November 12, 2009
meaning weak or lame; not impressive
juice: omg did you see that gsx? OMG GSX, so tight.
tim: looked pretty saucey to me, kinda like you
by EliasC August 18, 2006
Straight up HOMO. All-up-in-the-ass types.
That saucey bastard resorted to slappin ass and pulling hair in that wrestling match with Chimchim.
by slippyslappyswensonsamsonite April 26, 2006
The true meaning of the phrase "A HOLE." He'll stab you in the eye with a chopstick.
Saucey makes me sad.
by Balls!™ April 11, 2005
sumn that's cool,raw,awesome,dope
keeny you saucey
by bro wid da juice May 29, 2016
To be different in a great way much like the outdated word "swaggy" one could also have the sauce
"Damn Niyera looking hella saucey today "

"Don't be mad because I'm so saucey"
by NiMoneyy March 21, 2016
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