A derogatory term for a nut sack.

First used in Golden, Colorado on Jan 30, 2005 while eating Taco Bell.
"David is such a sauce bag"
by TurboDC4 January 31, 2005
Top Definition
saucebag, adj. - someone who is filled with "sauce", as though he or she were a McDonald's bag containing chicken nuggets/selects sauces (barbecue, sweet and sour, hot mustard, etc.)
That bitch was on her third frank by the end of the first inning at the Cubs game, and her third Mendoza frank by the end of the first week of Orientation. What a fucking saucebag.
by Wall Str33t April 26, 2011
A sloppy drunk. Someone who often loses things while drunk and forgets who they left the bar with.
That guy is a such sauce bag.
by colette26 October 20, 2006
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