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Probably sanskrit in it's origins, 'satya" means variously:1. Supreme truth 2. Abstention from lying 3. A speaker of truth
In the Yoga Sutra, satya is defined as the abstebtion from lying, or only telling harmless truths.
by Evilmunkee February 11, 2005
A girl with a ridiculously friendly attitude, contagious laugh, and yet incredibly smart. Has a propensity for giggling. A lot.
OMG its SATYA! hehehehe
by friendsss February 07, 2009
You cannot miss her in a crowd. You will remember her name in an instant.

She is the girl with the grace, extremely classy with very high ambitions and quite choosy with friends. A hottie all the more, and sexy to the core, she will have a hundred hearts broken by the time she's 20years old. She will set things right, turn your world upside down and give you a new high. She will show you the way, make you lose your ego and truly care for you. She is the rare kind, the unattainable one, the angel who will be admired even by the people who hate her. She is one shy beauty who will make you crave to get close to her and want her to be with yours forever. Yet, she will be the one to rock the stage and set a new high to your life. If she falls in love with you, consider yourself blessed.
Girl 1 : Do you think she will be able to handle this?
Girl 2 : Its Satya, what do you think ?!
by Arrow234 April 01, 2013
an abnormal baboon with a pushed-in nose and a blank expression. look like satya
by Poon Leung August 26, 2003
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