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Just one of the bestest guy friends any girl can ask for. His dimples are one of the first things you'll love. He is amazing at writing poems and making your shit day turn upside down. He is funny and has amazing eye lashes, an extreme sweetheart and abit too cheesy at times. He is funny and smart, and anyone who doesnt have this guy as a bestfriend is missing out on life.
Do you have a Satveer?
by cree8 August 15, 2011
Basically an amazing kid with a strange obsession with batman. Fairly awesome with an odd sense of humour and a titch too much time on his hands. This is where batman comes in.
"Wow, that kid is SUCH a Satveer"

"I met this kid. Who was so awesome. But not quite as awesom as Satveer"

by Tori N April 08, 2008
satveer is d combination of two words sat+veer... 'sat'derived from language sanskrit from d word 'satya' meanin truth...'veer' means warrior i.e. brave..
so satveer means truly brave..a sikh name generally
satveer beatup all d doubt his father named him right
by 720r October 27, 2008
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