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Someone who mindlessly follows instructions given by their satellite navigation system, despite road signs, dead ends and all real-world evidence to the contrary.
My Mum's such a satchav, she'd rather listen to that stupid voice telling her to drive down a six foot cow path than read the damn road signs!
by Gymnophoria August 24, 2007
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A resident of the UK's lower class, similar to the 'White Trash' stereotype in America, who insist on narrating a simple foot journey to their equally undesirable chavvy friend on a mobile phone, hence mimicking the function of a satellite navigation device.
Sat-Chav on telephone - "Nah mate, I'm just walkin' past asda. Yeah I'm turning da corner. I'm gonna walk across da high street rather than go da long way. I'm just walkin' up da high street now...ok I'm turnin' left. I just passed Greggs..."
by crueloneliner March 04, 2012

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