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Uchiha Sasuke is /one/ of the main characters in the popular anime show Naruto. In the beginning of the show he is placed on a team with Uzumaki Naruto the nine tailed demons fox, Kyuubi No Yoko's, Jinchuuriki and Haruno Sakura who "loves" him, the team led by "The Copy Ninja" Hatake Kakashi (Who also happens to be slightly perverted and always late for any meeting). He is one of the two living members of the "famous" Uchiha clan. The Uchiha clan was slayn by Sasuke's older brother Itachi Uchiha, in shich Sasuke now wishes for revenge on Itachi for killing the clan to "test his power."
Uchiha Sasuke was sought out by the powerful senin named Orochimaru (Who wished to know the answer to everything, including immortality). Orochimaru "cursed" Sasuke by biting him on the neck. Sasuke now lives with the curse unallowed to use too much power or else it will "control" him. The first stage of this said curse shows black markings all over the left side of Sasuke's body. The second stage happes to turn Sasuke into a winged blue-skinned "vampire-looking" version of himself, with a cross like mark on the center of his face.
Uchiha Sasuke's alleged hatred for the main character Uzumaki Naruto is shown very well in the anime. Though, when fighting Naruto as Sasuke is departing to join Orochimaru did not have the heart to kill him. /If/ Uchiha Sasuke had killed Uzumaki Naruto he would have gained the powerful Mangekyou Sharingan in which you must kill your closest and best friend (As Itachi did weeks before killing the entire clan).
As Uchiha Sasuke serves under Orochimaru he is thought new abilities and how to strengthen old ones. Including a technique (or jutsu) he was tought by his former sensei (teacher) Hatake Kakashi called the Chidori (Lightning Blade) in which the user can manipulate lightning into a blade-like form. He then realizes that there is no more that Orochimaru can teach him and tries to defeat him. In the process Orochimaru (Who is in need of getting a new "host") starts a "ritual" in which Orochimaru tries to take over Sasuke's body. Though, Orochimaru is unable to finish the ritual due to fatality when Sasuke kills him.
Sasuke is often called a transvestite, emo, goth, cutter, homosexual, crossdresser, pretty boy, uke, molestation victim, and a prick.

<<It is true that most people get Sasuke incorrect. I dubb you all idiots doomed to loom in stupidity for your lives.>>
by iDeidara March 26, 2007
Sasuke Uchiha...the fangirls cant get enough of him and the women crowed him.(sakura-kirin)

His sexyness makes it easy for him to find girl to Impregnate, i mean how else is he going to revive the uchiclan and Madara is to old so his seed dried up along time ago!

i wonder... would he teach his son to sneak attack someone while their sitting on the toilet or teach his daughter to cry every time things do go her way?
kirin is more of a suck-up then sakura. madara's been living since the beginning of time.SRLYS
will sasuke live to have kids?
by Abby-Pine January 29, 2009
n. - A Japanese sport where contestants try to complete an obstacle course with various challenges within a certain time limit. Pronounced "saw-skay".
Google search "sasuke", click result number 5
by Andy Mack June 28, 2005
sasuke is one of the many hot ninjas on naruto. he was members with sakura and naruo, but left them. he left to find more power to defaet his brother. people might thinks he's a "fag","coward","bitch" or what ever but he isn't any of those. he is totally fuking HOT! he is also powerful in my eyes i see a hot powerful man.
there are a lot of fan art of sasuke that makes girls like me swoon.
by vemo-saku October 17, 2009
Character from the anime and manga series Ranma 1/2. Tatewaki Kuno's loyal, but fumbling, ninja man-servant.
Sasuke: So, these are the bed chambers of Akane Tendo. Being in such a sacred place sends chills down my spine.
by Nallcat May 08, 2005
The hottest anime character drawn in all of anime and manga. Remains in Naruto. A survivor of the Uchiha Clan that was slaughtered by his elder brother, Itachi. Possess Sharingan. Able to use the Chidori. Is cursed by Orochimaru's bite of evilness. Loved by Orochimaru and lots of ladies, hated by Naruto.
Boys: I want to be Sasuke.
Girls: Sasuke can be my boyfriend anyday.
by aiimee July 22, 2006
Synonymous with lamer.
Tricky Billy is such a Sasuke.
by Rock Lee June 01, 2005
Character from Naruto that's cool, cute and hot.
People: -__- I want to be Sasuke.
by nani? naruto?! November 26, 2004