A person with a sassy attitude
Person A: What you talkin about Willis?
Person B: Dont give me that attitude, you're being such a sassitude.
by rockchalker September 25, 2010
Top Definition

an attitude marked by excessive sass
True to her sassitude, she dismissively told the patron he was wrong.
by Rebecca Lane November 09, 2006
A personality trait in which a person is able to be sassy and have attitude at the same time.
"Wow! you're sassy AND you have attitude!"

"Watch out world, I have sassitude!"
by Megargaret December 07, 2011
Attitude + Sass.

Being sassy to achieve a certain attitude.

Typically black girls with curvy rumps.
Black girl: "Oh no you di'nt! *wave finger*"

White guy: "Man, that bitch got sassitude."
by BoatsN'hoes May 06, 2009
Sassy attitude towards others
"you bitch, don't give me that sassitude"
by Mallory&Tim October 14, 2008

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