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a sassy person who gives a lot of sass
Stop sassing me you sasshole!
by Sweaty McGee August 11, 2005
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A combination of sassy asshole, when there's an equal amount of attitude and douchebaggery combined into one.
Dude, try this tea! It's awesome!
"Sorry, I dunked all of mine in the Boston harbor"
You're such a sasshole.
by John Locke the Sassiest October 09, 2012
A person who is talking back to you.
Claire: Hey will you hand me my Harry Potter book?
Maresa: No, get it yourself!
Claire: Jeez! You're being such a sass hole!
by JJBBML April 15, 2010
(n) /sɑ shəʊl/ majoring in the sass with a touch of asshole.
1: Shannon is lord of the sassy today.
2: Yeah, she's such a sasshole.
by BlondieBoy March 31, 2014
Being born with so much sass nobody can handle it so they call you a sasshole to make the sass entertaining.
Tina: Emma is so sassy I can't take it.

Molly: I know, Emma is a sasshole.

Tina: haha, calling her a sasshole makes it funny.
by Mollyrox455 February 23, 2014
Combination of the word "sassy" and "asshole". A person of great sarcastic wit, with the only thing keeping them from being a complete and utter asshole is their intentional comedic sass.
Person #1: "Did you hear what Matthew said yesterday?"
Person #2: "No, but I hear his Z-formation was impeccable!"
Person #1: "He is such a sasshole!"
by TheOrangeTicTac January 22, 2014
A sassy asshole
"Dude, she is such a fucking sasshole"
by Queef Burrito July 29, 2012

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