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n. black people
Ismael: "GET THE NOOSE!!"
by cheesepuffs3250 August 13, 2011
2 6
a furry beast with idiot tendencies. resembles a hairy loogie. insists that equal fractions, such as 1/2 and 4/8 are, in fact, unequal. also hasn't shaved her legs in a month.
man that sara is a real sasquatch.
by do i have to??? February 04, 2008
4 8
The hairy, woodland beast that went after Tenacious D YEARS before the Beastie Boys hijacked the idea and used it in their Triple Trouble video.
Tango: "Hey did you see sasquatch in the new beastie video?"

Cash: "No, but I saw the same damned thing back when clinton was President, when the D did it."

Tango: "Tru."
by Cardinal September 16, 2004
9 14
39. extremly massive and huge person; one who is the size of 40 people; a fat ass
2. One who eats 24/7
Holy shit! That sasquatch is fat as hell! There is a sasquatch eating all my food!
14 19
A code word used by high school students in the toronto canada area meaning excesive sack sweat.
" I got so much fuckin sasquatch its soaking through my pants."
by Zacharias October 28, 2004
4 10
the act of shaving ones pubic hair and ejaculating on a woman and throwing it on her. This is widely known as the sasquatch.
i have a lot of hair stuck to me since Jimmy did the sasquatch on me last night
by Mr.Cuddles July 10, 2004
89 95
Neanderthal-like creature who lives around Gackle-Streeter, North Dakota area. Known to be tall and hairy. WARNING: do not approach while wearing provocative clothing.
Cory Schlecht
by Trevor Marshall March 25, 2003
4 10