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It means Sasuke. Sasuke in that emo guy in Naruto, the anime.
So well, why sask1 you're asking? Huh, just read it! But be aware that this only works for french people since the '1' changes. So, it's like... - SASS-KK-UN -

By the way, one in french is " un ". So it makes sense , don't you think?

The following example will help you understand.
tenplor sayz: moa jtrv ke sai ye vrm bo
polok sayz: nn sask1 il & encor + joli alor tg mek
tenplor sayz: oo vrm mek tg alor sai jle kif moa
polok sayz: me bn c po cmm si tu saV 2koa tu parl 2 tt fason
tenplor sayz: jm sei & c tt
polok sayz: ouer ja vs yl * qd mm b1
mdde irmo; a nn po la totosh al& totosh po mek

polok a ete totocher
tenplor a ete totocher
by YARIDOVICHZz March 07, 2008
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