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the dopest town around!
ay lets hit up irmo and see whats popping cuz!
by karmakarmakarma June 11, 2008
Irmo, South Carolina is a nice place to grow up, if you like being bored. There is Harbison and Lake Murray and that is about it. Irmo is in the middle of the Bible Belt so you know people don't have as much fun as they can... Great place to raise kids though!
Damn I'm bored, at least I'm not in Irmo!
by ErinGoBraghLess September 17, 2008
Small town in South Carolina with too many stuck up bitches and not enough fun shit to do. There's a mall.

That's about it.

Also referred to as Spermo.
I fucking hate Irmo.
by Smashface March 16, 2009
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