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the most wonderful friend you could ever have. puts everybody else before herself, and is loyal to the end. she is funny and lovely.
i really miss sare. she was the best friend i ever had.
by ggaarrhhhddd May 11, 2011
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Short for suisare. A party one is not invited to.
The neighbours are having another 'sare again. Don't those people work?
by quack March 10, 2005
Used to describe something that is good and bad for example a guitar that looks beautiful but sounds awful. It's a word that's an in between word like maybe for yes and no. This is that word for good and bad.
Person 1: I kinda liked and didn't like that movie.
Person 2: Yeah it was sort of sare.
by Ariques Ellesan June 12, 2015
gay guy who hates the average gay STEREOTYPE.
Guy#1: I fuckin hate gay activists
Guy#2: Ur so saré.
by chais1337 November 07, 2004
Using someone for personal gain at their emotional expense.
A: I wuv you
M: You've been replaced. O Well.
A: Why are you being so saré?
M: I hate you.
by Crushed November 22, 2004

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