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A state of constant lethargy; alternately, to enter or remain in said state. Can be used as a verb or noun, and by extremely tricky folk, an adjective.
I was going to go see the Garfield movie, but I sarded and jerked off instead.
by feetarse July 06, 2006
101 69
Slang word for 'bye' when leaving one or more people

also, if someone suddenly leaves the company of others, shouting this can be a reaction to their exit

can be used to full effect if very loud or stretched
"Rite see yaa!"

by fake-tales-of-hull August 27, 2006
86 76
To laze, to feel no special interest in doing something
"I sard looking at that"


"I'm too fucking lazy to do it"
by anvpoan July 06, 2006
68 68
An idiot who has to be sarcastic after almost, if not all statements.
Dude 1.) AGH! john is such a sard.
Dude 2.) Yeah everytime i say something he has some douchy sarcastic remark.
by griff69 December 08, 2008
1 45
People, event or things that is cool, hot, got impact, steady, got abit of X factor is call sard (In Hokkien). some time can use Ki after Sard. Like "Sard Ki!!!"
1)Wah sard, the guy is sard manz.....
2)Lord of the Ring is sard, must watch.
3)If you put on this sun glass, it will be very sard ki.
by hskism January 11, 2004
2 70
n. in between a hard on and flacid weenis
"It's just a sard right now"
by kyle anthony October 20, 2003
3 71
A combination of the words savage and hardcore. Used to describe things.
THat is one sard gangster.
by Mitch August 24, 2003
4 72