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1. (noun) A punctuation mark denoting sarcastic intent or meaning.
(sarcasm + apostrophe)

2. (noun) An event which turns out to be awkward, disastrous, or embarrassing as a result of a failed attempt to be amusingly sarcastic.
(sarcasm + catastrophe)
When Tom forgot to use a sarcastrophe {symbol not available} in his email, everyone thought he meant what he said.
by Bryan Adams June 06, 2007
Text symbol '$' denoting sarcasm for those times when you fear someone might actually think you mean what you say. Note the difference between these two messages: 'That was a great idea! :)' and 'That was a great idea, idiot.' Now you can text the second meaning without having to type 'idiot' at the end!
That Breaking Bad episode made me feel so optimistic! $

Your skirt looks great with those shoes. $

Would you like to go on a date with me? $

by Funny Fun Maker of Fun October 03, 2013
Punctuation mark: Umlauts placed at the beginning and end of a sentence used to denote sarcastic intent. Helpful for texting and email.
¨No, your ass isn't big¨ texted with great sarcastrophe.
by Brionco September 12, 2011
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