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(noun) A racial slur used in reference to the human race as a whole. Generally implies annoyance, dislike, disgust, or hatred of a person specifically because they are human, and share all the downfalls that are included in that classification. Derived from a shortening of homo sapiens.
"15 cans of cat food is not 1 item you illiterate sape!"

"That stupid sape just cut me off!"

"I heard that Mike attacked someone in the parking lot! What a sape!"
by JK & Crib July 20, 2004
When your having sex with someone, but then halfway through they decide you are useless at sex and want to stop, but you don't and it just turns into rape.
"I got saped by John last night. At first I wanted to, but he was so bad I had to ask him to stop but he wouldn't. He just ended up raping me."
by kichwa-omalley November 10, 2011
friend, pal, gang, part of homo sapian (means human)
Friend1:hey sape!, what is up?
Friend2:not much, see you later sape
by shewit January 16, 2008
a roundish number similar in nature to six or eight, but applying to neither.

note: year sape of a marriage is historically referred to as one's "slim jim anniversary".
oh my god. is it sape o'clock already?!
by lisalou December 16, 2004
The word for the aching pain u have after a sexual activity.

sexual + ache = sape
iv got sape from fuckin her soo fuckin hard last night!!
by Dayvie May 03, 2005
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