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The school that is know for artquest, and not for sports. Theres tons of bi ppl, all of them being girls. We have hella posers. All the preps wear too much fucking orange and black, and we suck at football. Honestly why do we even try. Artquest is the only good thing about the school and like the outside and location.
Kendall: "I'm such an artquet kid"
Meredith: "shut up. Your not i am"
Maggie: "I love mexicans."
Ben: "Wanna hear me play my accordian?"
Random ppl: Those are artquest ppl right there. Weirdos.
Random person 2: Dude their not even wearing orange and black and its friday!!!
Bella and Issy: Shut up. That's a horrible color combantion. Retards...
Prep: I love Santa Rosa High...
by Izze October 20, 2007
A legit school, brings in kids from all over for its artquest program. Know as one of the most bitchen and easiest schools in sanoma county. Its pretty hard to find someone who doesnt drink or smoke the ganj. Terrible color combo that all the freshys and preps make their wardrobes out of. Basicly the best school around, not for sports
"Dude, did you know that chick over there smokes weed?"
"Duh dude, this is santa rosa high, even the artquest peeps party hardy."
by Nor cali stoner February 11, 2010
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