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by muppett March 12, 2003
The delicious juicy round fleshy mounds that the fairer sex have contained within their under-garments.
- Mate did you see the sangers on that?

- Yes mate proper nice fat dirty pair of sloppy swinging sangers...

- Bang on.
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by Mr gun August 28, 2010
A word that Cee Lo Green made up on on NBC's "The Voice". He claims that this word is commonly used in the music industry, but it's really just his own pathetic attempt to create his own catch phrase and make himself seem more knowledgeable than he really is.
You see there are singers, and then there are sangers.
#cee lo green #singer #catch phrase #made up #sad
by andrew6586 April 22, 2011
A country hick MFer that cries and moans into a microphone with twangy musical accompaniment.
"Ammo teh you what! That boy is a DANG good sanger!"
by Big Daddy April 28, 2004
Currently worth over £64.2 billion, William Peter Sanger is the most successful businessman in the world. For fear of "1337 Haxxorz" stealing his "Phat Lewt", he has hidden himself and his riches from the rest of the world, which is why he does not appear in any Rich Lists.
Sanger: "Guys, don't tell anyone about this money, ok? I don't want any 1337 haxxorz stealing my phat lewt."
#sanger #william #will #rich #phat lewt #haxxorz #cool
by Centipeed December 09, 2005
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