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Kristey was on her period and didn't want to give me head and we ran out of lube, so she just gave me a sandy handy.
by joker aka dj nj April 12, 2007
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Used as a form of negative reinforcement. A hand job where the giver covers their hand in vaseline, followed by dipping the hand in beach sand. This results in massive erosion of the penis.
Marco if you don't clean up your shit, I'm going to give you the roughest sandy handy.
by 1501 December 04, 2010
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Getting a sand paper hand-job till. Higher the grit, the better.
"Hey Ricky, would you rather get a sandy handy, or fuck a goat"?
by handsomrantsrom March 05, 2014
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1) handjob on the beach; 3rd base(m) on the beach.
Steve: "How was the shore?"
Carl: "Sweet."
Steve: "You hook?"
Carl: "Yeah, with Sheila."
Steve: "Did you 'oh-baby-yeah'?"
Carl: "No. But she gave me a sandyhandy."
Steve: "Yikes. That had to feel good. Sike."
by Hog1 October 24, 2003
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a malevolent maneuver during the delivery of a hand-job wherein the performer edges the unsuspecting recipient into a swoon of ecstasy before swiftly and discreetly dipping their lubed hand into a concealed stash of sand and resuming the hand-job, chaffing the recipient's penis
She gave him a sandy handy while they were at the beach.
by The Inimitable January 13, 2011
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My cock is aching after that sandy handy
by Grinning Lobster September 10, 2003
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