possibly. the most overplayed and overrated trance song ever made.
mike:hey man. you wanna listen to sandstorm by darude?
bill:who are you? crazy?. lady gaga is less mainstream than that crap!
#sandstorm #trance #music #overplayed #overrated
by ItsOurFuture August 09, 2010
Top Definition
orgasm. sandstorm derives from darude's sandstorm which has given many young people pleasure since it's explosive release.
last night when david hasselhoff gave me a sandstorm i felt it all the way in my in my tibia!
by sandstormlovinvalerie March 13, 2005
1. a popular techno song by darude
2. to moshpit with a bunch of drunk people while listening to the aforementioned techno song
3. to bring the 'heat; n 'git down'
4. to take a poop, while moshpitting and listening to techno, including but not limited to the popular techno song by darude
5. to steal a homeless mans mcdonalds
6. to mistake a homeless mans poop for a mcdonalds burger, only realizing this after three bites. fucking homeless people shitting on bread in mcdonalds bags
7. a mixture of foods and cigarete butts found in a homeless mans beard
8. to mistake a homeless mans beard full of food and cigarette butts for a mcdonalds burger, only realizing this after three bites. fucking homeless people shaving on bread in mcdonalds bags
9. butt cheeze
10. to mistake butt cheeze for a mcdonalds cheeseburger, then realizing they taste the exact same
1. I'm listening to sandstorm!
2. We totally sandstormed last night!
3. i dont even know
4. DUDE i didnt think it was possible to sandstorm in a bathroom
5. I had maaad munchies so i sandstormed last night
6. DUUUDE i almost puked after i sandstormed
7. yo, i walked past some dude, he had mad sandstorm
8. DUUUDE i almost puked after i sandstormed
9. the best kinda cheese: sandstorm
10. dude, isnt it gross that that sandstorm tasted just like a cheeseburger
#buttcheese #techno #darude #mcdonalds #homeless people #nasty ass beards
by Mike n Harry November 16, 2008
The action of having sex in a sandy region. The male rolls his wet penis in the sand and reinserts his penis in the womans vagina, thus causing extreme amounts of pain.
Guy 1: Dude I gave my girlfriend a sandstorm last night!
Guy 2: Haha, sucks for her
Guy 1: Yeah, she still has a sandy vagina.
#sand #storm #sandy #vagina #sandscrape
by boston_hardcore May 19, 2007
To immobilize a girl to the point where she needs an IV drip.
Samuel just sandstormed the shit out of her in his dorm room!
#mandingo #wheelchair #life support #unconscious #jungle fever
by Skeeter Jr. March 17, 2015
The name of the sexual position of a female sitting on a male's chest while she gives him a blowjob. He then sprinkles salt and pepper into her butthole and shakes her butt around. Then, as he orgasms, he punches her in the kidney and she farts in his face. Thus forming a homemade sandstorm.

Also known as "Spicy Cheeks".
"Man I miss her so much. She was the freakiest girl I ever met. One time she even gave me a sandstorm!"

"I'd sandstorm that in a heartbeat!"

"Had to put my dog to sleep. He kept giving the neighbor's cat a sandstorm."

"How much did I drink last night? I woke up this morning and tasted spicy cheeks on my lips."
#sand #storm #salty #cheeks #sex #position #kidney #dirty #blowjob
by ComaKing08 July 22, 2008
shaving your pubes then blowing them in your girlfriends face.
ooh baby,I know you loved that sandstorm in your face
#pubic hair #blow #face #girlfriend #shave
by captain skidmark February 18, 2008
When you ejuclate on a girls face and then throw sand at it.
As i ejuclated all over the whores face, i quickle through sand at it and there i just did a sandstorm.
#sandstorm #piss #poop #lala #mouse
by kiktheball September 06, 2006
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