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short for Sandra, helper of mankind, nature lover, humanitarian.Beautiful inside and out. Intelligent witty, honest and a loyal friend.Has a strong sense of family and will do whatever it takes to protect those she loves. pretty rare eyes, sexy. nice body. Easily hurt but strong woman goes through tough times but never gives up.
"Everyone loves Sandi, she is a great friend"
by luvsherman February 03, 2010
1. a strong and fearless woman.

2. a very creative or talented woman.

3. a beautiful woman with an exciting body, a bright smile, and a wonderful warmth; a head turner and heart stopper.
1. You can count on her. She's a sandi.

2. That artist is a real sandi.

3. Wow! Look at that sandi. She's hot.
by GrayMichaels February 05, 2010
Hungarian short form of Alexander. Usually a leo. Most sandises while young are held in thrall by their parents for if the lion should realize his own strength no man could control him. also often a terribly dark presence and fearfully well endowed.
That boy Sandis is a great kid. in fact, his greatness is overshadowed only by that of his father.
by sandisevildad May 22, 2011
A whiney little bitch.
person a: Someone stole my bike.
person b: Shut the fuck up, Sandis.
by funkymunkey14 September 28, 2011
1. One who is always busy running errands. What kind of errands? Long errands? Short errands? Nice errands? Mean errands? Nobody fucking knows.
2. Term used to address those who have been horribly fucking mauled and maimed with a Sobe bottle because he or she misspelled "sandi" ie. Sandy
Sandy why you gotta be a b*tch! wait! please!! NO! I BEG OF YOU!!! OMG!! AHHH!!! *sandified* x_x
by izrofel October 21, 2003
a short way to say san diego.
yo im from sandi
lets go to sandi
by highrida4rmgrapestreet BBK April 15, 2005
A sheltered bitch who often stares at shit, usually pint-sized with dark hair.
1.) Dont pull a Sandi.

2.) Sandi stop staring at shit!
by Spongecock February 02, 2011
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