when a driver drives so slow you miss your turn
that old man sand bagged my turn
by TJ Styles September 09, 2012
The action in which the testes are dropped/slapped onto the forehead of the partner, unexpectedly.
I was asleep and my boyfriend sand bagged me and woke me up!!
by Slutty Nurse April 09, 2011
When you go to your dealer for a bag of weed and you get NO BUDS. It's all shake & seeds.
I can sell ya some weed but all I got are these 'sandbags'. No buds.
by Dabnis January 25, 2011
to abandon something, such as a beer at a party or an item in the wrong the location in a store
"i sandbagged a bottle of KY in the sporting goods 'cuz i was too embarrassed to buy it"

"don't sandbag that beer...it's an Old Speckled Hen!"
by ace bradshaw January 04, 2010
another name for a surfer who spends all his time surfing and doesn't talk, think, or do anything else.
Surfer #1 "Hey, wanna go get something to eat?"
Surfer #2 "Must... surf..."
Surfer #1"Don't be such a sandbag. Why don't you get a girlfriend or something?"
Surfer #2 "Nah bro, cuz then she'd wanna spend time together with me. And I would wanna go surfing."
Surfer #1 "Sandbag"
by jusagenius August 11, 2009
Under an assumed name in a tropical region, you meet a young hottie and engage in the well known cliche of sex on the beach. Just before insertion, remove the rubber (without getting caught of course), and proceed to bang away until you blow your load, without pulling out. As you dismount and prepare for departure, grab a handful of sand, throw it in her eyes, and run away laughing hysterically while leaving her blinded, butt-necked, and knocked up. Especially lots of fun when accomplished during the spring break season.
I just sandbagged some girl on the beach, I need the earlier flight!
by AK47sForAll January 02, 2013
Douchebag of Middle-Eastern or Indian descent. The Arab/Indian version of a guido.
Hey, check out that sandbag over there. The one with the overkill faux-hawk and the Ed Hardy shirt.
by electroleum September 10, 2010

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