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when a driver drives so slow you miss your turn
that old man sand bagged my turn
by TJ Styles September 09, 2012
The action in which the testes are dropped/slapped onto the forehead of the partner, unexpectedly.
I was asleep and my boyfriend sand bagged me and woke me up!!
by Slutty Nurse April 09, 2011
When you go to your dealer for a bag of weed and you get NO BUDS. It's all shake & seeds.
I can sell ya some weed but all I got are these 'sandbags'. No buds.
by Dabnis January 25, 2011
to abandon something, such as a beer at a party or an item in the wrong the location in a store
"i sandbagged a bottle of KY in the sporting goods 'cuz i was too embarrassed to buy it"

"don't sandbag that beer...it's an Old Speckled Hen!"
by ace bradshaw January 04, 2010
another name for a surfer who spends all his time surfing and doesn't talk, think, or do anything else.
Surfer #1 "Hey, wanna go get something to eat?"
Surfer #2 "Must... surf..."
Surfer #1"Don't be such a sandbag. Why don't you get a girlfriend or something?"
Surfer #2 "Nah bro, cuz then she'd wanna spend time together with me. And I would wanna go surfing."
Surfer #1 "Sandbag"
by jusagenius August 11, 2009
Douchebag of Middle-Eastern or Indian descent. The Arab/Indian version of a guido.
Hey, check out that sandbag over there. The one with the overkill faux-hawk and the Ed Hardy shirt.
by electroleum September 10, 2010
An adjective to describe how a woman's breast feels to an inexperianced man.
"You know how Janessa's breasts feels like.. like a sand-bag?"
by Jalogo January 02, 2006