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A really pissed off girl .
All girls who are in a bad mood.
Nadja has sand in the vagina.
by Bari February 12, 2005
309 69
A metaphor describing someone who complains a lot or who is given to whining.
Andy: "But guys!...I don't want to go to Bennigans, their food gives me the runs!"
Carl: "Quit acting like a little bitch with sand in the vagina!"
Tina: "Yeah, here's a douche!"
by St Crab July 05, 2006
214 47
This phase can be applied to men as well. i.e. A man who complains constantly or who has a pissy expression in his face.
Example: That guy is bitching about everything, he must have sand in the vagina.
by BAMFclops November 28, 2009
93 52
when the giner is a bit sandy, for various reasons
Damn yo, I've got crazy sand-in-the-vagina, i don't know what to do about it.
by kdub September 22, 2003
11 37
itchness experianced by the female species when sand enters the female pubic region
just been to the beach and got sand in my block its ichty
by sweenal April 04, 2005
46 156