1: what a pimp picks up from his hoes but then needs more since it flies away like sand hence the term sand dollar
2: weird little creatures that wash up on the beach
3: what the flinstones use as money
1: That pimp smacked his ho cause he needed more sand dollars
2: That sand dollar got stuck on the beach and died
3: Fred paid 200 sand dollars for his aliigator lawnmower
by PlayDohMan April 25, 2004
Top Definition
A cat's asshole. Cat butt. When kitty sits down, his asshole leaves a sand dollar print.
Randi's cat Pooie is too portly to clean its own butt, therefore Pooie has a dirty sand dollar.

Robert's cat Salem was all black, and when Salem turned around you could see his sand dollar a mile away.

Damn! Why does that cat always stick its sand dollar in my face?
by Spayce Wayster August 14, 2011
When a women is giving you a bliwjob on the beach, you cum on her face and stick her head in the sand.
Jim gave Sallly a sand dollar after she blew him on the beach.
by Maninalgiers July 13, 2015
Its what hobos use as currency when they don't have any money
Joel: Shit I'm out of booze

Max: just buy some with your sand dollars
by hahasuka February 09, 2014
A person in a state of total confusion due to exhaustion. A state of sleep deprivation. When you make no logical sense.
- Example 1 -

*On the phone at 2:00 am*

Jane: Janet, I'm turning into a sand dollar!
Janet: Wow, that's... crazy

*two minutes later*

Jane: This sand dollar's gotta peace. Bye.

- Example 2 -

Maggie: Last night Terry was talking about moving to Turkey to start a zoo.

Terry: Oh, my bad. I was sand dollaring hard core last night.

Maggie: You said it's okay if your animals die because you know a taxidermist...

Terry: Wow
by Cholo23234351 March 09, 2012
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