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Referring to the City of San Francisco. Usually used by Inland or Southern Californians or other non-Bay Area natives. Most Bay-Area residents refer to San Francisco simply as "the City".
Tourist: Let's go to San Fran!

Bay Area Resident: You mean, the City.

Tourist: Right.....
by NorCal_Ryan October 29, 2006
222 30
The most annoying way possible to refer to the City of San Francisco. Even more annoying than calling it Frisco. Frisco is actually endearing by comparison.
Duh, I'm going to San Fran. Duh-har har.

(Gets punched in the face).
by doughnuts October 10, 2011
84 14
An abbreviation of San Francisco for those not from San Francisco. Usually uttered by tourists, right before they step on or off a cable car.
I vacationed in SanFran this weekend, and got mugged three times!
by horsechex June 26, 2011
18 2
Referring to San Fransisco in California.
The game tonight will be San Fran and Miami.
by SAMiiZLe September 04, 2006
30 81