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5 definitions by doughnuts

The most annoying way possible to refer to the City of San Francisco. Even more annoying than calling it Frisco. Frisco is actually endearing by comparison.
Duh, I'm going to San Fran. Duh-har har.

(Gets punched in the face).
by doughnuts October 10, 2011
A tattoo on the small of a girl's back, which one can take aim at.
Check out that chick's splooge target.
by doughnuts June 25, 2007
Something a butt naked warlord might exclaim upon being bemused at the spectacle of a Mormon missionary suddenly appearing in his camp.
"General, we have an intruder!"

"The fuck is this?"
by doughnuts June 06, 2012
What non-locals call BART. Mostly people from L.A.
Duh-har, I'm gonna take the BART. Duh duh duh!
by doughnuts October 22, 2013
Southernmost suburb of San Francisco.
Why did a take a job all the way down in San Jose?
by doughnuts June 04, 2007