Small Suburbian City in the Greater Seattle area of Washington. Known to be full of stuck up rich bitches and stuck up rich tough guys. The girls wear so much make-up they look like barbie-dolls. If they have straight hair, they curl it, if they have curly hair, they straighten it. Most of the girls are fake they pretend they're so modest and hate fake people, when all of them are fake themselves. The guys can be just as bad. Skinny jeans, odd cluttered jackets. The guys are tough and act tougher. Drugs and Alcohol are just another day for them, and if you don't do it your a pussy. 50 foot drop with a Bike? Just another day, won't do it? pussy. They think everyone but them is a gay little pansy. But away from these people there are decent people out there. Little neighborhoods scattered around the Plateau are run down little houses. Where decent people can live. Nice, Real, people can be rich or poor, It just so happens that money turns most Sammamish kids downhill. Not everyone is a rich snob, just most of them.

Play a sport? You better as hell be the best at it. On the best team around, or you suck. You'll be critized until you want to die unless your on the absolute best team. The constint influence from all the bad kids, makes you wonder why everyone in Sammamish isn't dead.
Rollin down the street is a $70,000 Lambo, next to you is a '92 toyota, barely running. Starbucks around every corner. You could stop for one every morning, or you could be treated with one every month or so. 40 year old men drinkin coffee talkin on their cell phone with there fancy bluetooth headsets. Then theirs the little kids running around with their mom down at Bartell Drugs lookin for candy. Fake people, Nice people, Fake people who pretend to be nice, Nice people who fake to fit in. All kinds of people in Sammamish.
by Just another kid March 08, 2007
Top Definition
a place where dads roll around in their BMW's like a bunch of 20 year olds, moms (most milfs) drive their Escalades, and the kids get stuck driving the Porshe or Tahoe, God forbid. Everyone truly thinks they are "above" the world living on the plateau. The truth is, they are too distanced from reality. When it rains, it pours and the people stay tucked away in their multi-million dollar homes planning trips to tropical get-aways. When it is sunny, every lake within 10 miles become a sea of Malibu wakeboarding boats. Suprising the people are already tan; thank you tanning salons. If you are a girl and have brown hair you dye it blonde, if you have blonde hair you dye it brown. Everyone is so insecure they can't settle for one look for more than a month... take trendy to a whole new level. The people are nice, but some lack serious depth. Personalities are defined by money and pride. Strike that from a sammamish born and you mind as well eat their soul.

What was once a quaint town has grown into a booming nesting ground for the some of the worlds richest and most stuck up people. Sammamish is the OC of Washington.

Despite all of this, it is still a nice place. Beautiful year around and plenty of things to do. If you love the outdoors it's a perfect location; Tiger Mt, Cascades, Lake Sammamish, Snoqualmie River, Mt. Si. They are all close. If you can afford the lifestyle and avoid getting sucked into the abyss of rich pricks, it's the place to be. Did i ever mention starbucks?
You know you are from Sammamish when you pull into a starbucks coffee and see every $60,000 SUV or full size truck on the market in the parking lot, yet everyone inside is a middle age mother nursing on decaf, non-fat, latte while sporting their new trendy workout outfit their husband bought them so they don't ever get fat while he is off at work making the big bucks.
by bextreme November 07, 2006
A relatively small town located on a plateau in Washington. Popular activities include hanging out at Safeway, skateboarding and tanning. Many kids think theyre the shit because theyre parents work for microsoft. Most kids define themselves as emo and enjoy wearing dark colors. Girls try too hard to be "trendy" while immature boys use stupid words like "pwn" and "juke" and still find humor in high fives.
Im going to commit suicide because i live in Sammamish.
by Barbie & Ken July 04, 2006
A little town in Washington up on a plateau that looks like would be a fun place but in reality to all the people who live there, there's nothing to do. Well besides smoke weed and hook up with fuckboys which is what most girls do. There are plenty of drug dealers who will give you terrible deals and always rip you off. Girls are such bitches and most of the guys have small dicks. Most girls are super self conscious and beat each other up behind their backs. Most younger girls here in middle school are also probably going to loose their virginity in less that a year because they are used to sucking guys off and being fingered. Inglewood Middle School is one of the more popular schools in Sammamish and carries plenty of sluts, whores, and fuck boys and its literally hell. Then theres the popular high school, Eastlake. There are drug dealers down every hallway and plenty of people will glare at you along the way. Every has sent nudes here and practically everyone has everyone's. Parents are normally super chill, they either dont give a fuck about what their kids are doing or they have no idea what their doing behind the scenes. Every girl owns or atleast wants lululemons just so their ass looks huge. But its still fun here even though there are really rough conditions up here on the plateau.
Hey guys, we should totally go hook up with some Sammamish girls, I hear their down for a good time.
by anuberconcernedcitizen June 27, 2015
I know a lot of people say Sammamish is full of snobs but they probably never even lived there. Sammamish is a not too crowded suburb. People there are friendly and are mostly used to the rain. I don't think there are any millionares there. People there aren't miffs, billionares, or anything other jerks are saying people of Sammamish are.
Lyle: "What city is the coolest?"
Kyle: "Sammamish!"
by Soapysofa December 21, 2010
Living in Sammamish I know that it is a shitty place. Yeah, it is a very nice place to live, but it is terribly boring here. The only thing to do is either go to Safeway or ride a bus to anywhere fun. The people here are fake. I am one of the few that live in a older house and not those mansions that most of the population owns. There are mostly preppy snobs who think they are so much better than you, sending nudes to everyone with their expensive camera phones and getting wasted and sleeping with everyone. The guys all wear purple and ride bikes, which none of them even can, and use every girl they get their hand on. Then there's the "emo's". MY HOUSE IS SO SMALL, MY PARENTS WON'T BUY ME TICKETS TO THE METRO STATION CONCERT! *cut* then they do drugs that makes them look soooo hardcore. Everyone here does drugs. And if you don't (I choose not to) people try and pressure you into them and make you feel like a pussy. There are so many wanna-be's in this town, it drives me crazy. The only two people from Bellevue who moved here moved back within a month its that gay here. All I can say is unless you have a car and a full tank of gas to leave this town, don't come here!
Sammamish is the one place that makes the OC look like a cake walk
by Ihatesammamish August 27, 2008
Sammamish Washington, where it rains cash, and also where it rains. Black kids try to be white, white kids try to be black. Blonds are brunettes, and vice versa. Everyone here is rich, (yes even you Ms. Druggie) but they try not to be. There is one that controls us all. Hail Myspace.

Everyone really, REALLY hates Jews. They love Jesus so much they would have Sex with him over and over again.

Did I mention Starbucks?
Sammamish Brunnette: I'm thinking about dying my hair blond.

Wangsta: That's so hot. Lets go have a threeway with Jesus
by gooobed August 28, 2008

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