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In dentistry, a "bartell" is the name given to a tooth that is an anatomical anomaly. In order to be labeled a "bartell", the remaining teeth in one's grill must be generally accepted as normal, or even above average, thus drawing even more attention to the one "ugly duckling" or "retarded cousin". Examples of bartells include a single yellow tooth, a single decaying tooth, or a single chipped tooth. Bartells can originate from any number of ways, including a cavity, genetics, or an errant beer bottle drunkenly thrust into one's mouth. A "bartell" can transform one's entire appearance, making even the hottest chick look like an inbred redneck.
"Damn son, that girl would be fine but I just can't look past her frickin' bartell."

"The young lady's beautiful smile had unfortunately been sabotaged by a lone bartell."
by philthyphil February 02, 2010
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