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The finest American Beer, and my write-in for president
I drank a sixxer of Sam during the Pats game
by Ben December 13, 2004
252 58
White rapper from Bostoy, has the album "Boston's Boy.
Sick rapper has the songs "Coast to Coast" , "Tab Open", "I Hate College", etc.
Kid1: "yo you goin to that Sam Adams concert tonight?"
Kid2: "hell yeah theyre playin with LMFAO"
by catbonersuck April 16, 2010
274 110
sam adams... one word.

omfg, did you see that gorgeous guy at lunch?


yeahh, that's the one!

he's so gorgeous!

i know!
by 100% cotton. August 07, 2008
2 4
Slang for Ecstasy tablet. Because, as their slogan says, "It's always a good decision".
I need to pick up a couple "Sam Adams" before the rave tonight...
by RBC April 11, 2005
77 134