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A blowjob given while driving at speeds of over 60-79 mph. Not to be confused with a suburban suck-down which would be conducted at speeds of 25-59 mph or a speedway suck job which would be at speeds of 80+ mph.

The distinctions are important b/c if pulled over in the act the ticket price declines with rising difficulty.
Had the salewoman, Lisa P, not given me a highway hummer during my test drive, I probably wouldn't have bought this used 1995 Dihatsu. Although I just bought it last week, I'm thinking of going for another test drive asap.
by rbc December 10, 2004
The smallest room in the club you're at. So named because Drum & Bass always gets delegated to the tiniest, itty bitty, room at the rave.
You'll have no problem finding me, I'll be in the DnB Room with the ten other people (AKA 'capacity'), chillin' out.
by RBC June 08, 2005
The uneasy feeling that you have to go 'number two' about half-way after you drop Ecstasy and before it hits you.

Ironically, after the pill does take effect, you generally don't have to deficate for an entire day or more.
I just had a Sam Adams a little while ago and now I have the pre-E poops, so I'll meet you in the DnB Room after I use the labratory.
by RBC July 09, 2005
Slang for Ecstasy tablet. Because, as their slogan says, "It's always a good decision".
I need to pick up a couple "Sam Adams" before the rave tonight...
by RBC April 11, 2005

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