A "charity" who have been around for a long time and run stores. They burnt thousands, possibly millions, of Harry Potter toys because of "promoting witchcraft," ruining the christmas of many children. They also think that homosexuals are a disgrace. "The Salvation Army is a global organization dedicated to meeting human needs without discrimination in the name of Jesus Christ. " is a bullshit definition because they -DO- discriminate heavily.
The Salvation Army were meant to give those poor kids a christmas, but instead they lit a bonfire for the homeless.
by Fuck Sally. November 18, 2013
A place intended for the lower-class households to pick up some used clothing and other items at a discounted price. It seems all of the "different" kids go there now to buy vintage shirts, because you can get three for a nickel or some shxt like that. They are usually the type of kids who complain about society having "brainwashed" the preppy kids.

If you think you're cool for buying clothes at the salvation army, just remember that you're wearing somebody else's pitstained t-shirt.
Like oh my God, I just got this brand new emo shirt at the salvation army today! It's totally rad! It says "John's Pickle Shop" on the front! I think I'm going to wear it to the Dashboard concert this weekend! It will totally fit in!
by AnthonyMEMU June 22, 2004
A place for poor people to pick up free shit. They individuals are most likely unemployed and can't provide for their own family. Some are homeless.
Poor kid had to wear salvation army clothes.
by richgj October 14, 2007
Thrift store thats annoying to be in for more than 30 mintutes, but has great *used* clothes at good prices. If you think only poor people shop here, your wrong. If you think I'm scum because I get like 70% of my clothes from there, STFU, cause im not gifted with money like some of you material people who only worry about getting stuff from the best shops at the mall (See American Eagle and Tommy Hilfaggot).
"Those annoying emo guys need to grow up and get a life outside of thinking they have to act sad and wear cheap clothes in order to fit in."
by Livewrong March 09, 2005
A place where poor people shop. They have to go to salvation army because they're needy. They just weren't as lucky as some whos fathers could mantain a job.
Awww, poor kid had to go to salvation army cause daddy couldnt hold a job. That must be embarrassing.
by youstilldamnpoor March 20, 2008
the place where you and countless other broke-ass people go to get their cheap shit
where you got your clothes and stuff
by thebestuguyonearth August 04, 2003
Where all scene girls go to shop.
"Emily said that she'll wear that dress from the salvation army to the local show on Friday."
by Faf March 18, 2004
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