something very sexy like the taste in your mouth when you kiss them after swimming in the ocean
wow, that dress is so SALTY!
by MilaNyvek October 07, 2006
(ajective) describes a person who is wrong and mad about it.
that nigga was salty when i corrected his dumabass
by nasty nati nigga September 28, 2006
Used to describe one who is mean and angry for no good, or no reason at all.
He was hella salty after he was picked last for kickball.
by birkle May 28, 2006
word use to describe someone who has just been proven wrong after they swore on their mama's grave they were right.

(this particular meaning originated in philly)
joe-"Yo man i'm tellin you ron ron fucked that bitty lie"
lamar-"no he didn't nigga u trippin"
joe-"yea he did!!! (voice escalating)"
ron ron- (just entering the room) "joe shut the fuck up i ain't touch that hoe"
lamar-"hahhaaha u feelin salty now nigga"
joe- "whateva"
by ya gurl October 18, 2005
describing something so awesome , conventional cannot explain it.
that thing is totally salty!
by castillo March 27, 2005
To be in a bad mood - mad expression
damn you look salty, what went up your ass?
by steve February 03, 2005
GHB user. Salt water--Gamma Hydrox
She's salty tonight. You're toooo salty tonight
by Realsmug May 22, 2004
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