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showing happiness or excitement
Rachel- WOW! We don't have to take our English test today!
Marissa- Really?! Wow, that's SALTY.
by marissa ily May 06, 2007
disgruntled, upset, and generally pissed off
When I had to miss Angie's New Year's Eve party 'cuz I had to work a double-shift, I was one salty heifer all night!
by HeavnsGirl January 21, 2007
Adjective relating to a snobby or ill-tempered individual. Most often heard in Chicago.
Beth has been real salty since she got back from Europe.
by Grotos27 February 05, 2005
Being upset, jealous, or just mad about something
That guy is so salty that I just beat his ass!
by Yeagermeister January 25, 2005
1)Bitter taste the usually invokes gagging and/or spitting.
2)What a chick says your cum tastes like when you've had too much bacon the night before.
1)My man juice was so salty, that hoe started gagging and then she spit it all out onto my carpet. Damn!
2)Well it was probably salty from all that bacon you had last night.
by MacTrucK November 24, 2004
stupid, idiotic, dumb etc.
"DAMN i bet u feelin real salty right bout now.."
by Ci January 03, 2004
Shafted, embarased
Tony hawk busted his shit and was a salty ass fool. (Also) You got salted. or Salt on you.
by Jru August 17, 2003