to pour salt on a guy's balls, then use your tongue to lick the salt off
Audra makes sure to carry salt packages in her purse, so that she is always ready to give Pete salty balls.
by urblegs February 06, 2009
Top Definition
a state of being extremely annoyed or irriated as if your balls were in fact salty
Bob was salty balls about his F on the last science test.
by some cool kids July 22, 2006
A person being extremely upset and over dramatic, often caused from getting your panties in a bunch over nothing! Person is usually irritated for the rest of the day.

Craig had salty balls because someone told him his shades were ugly.
by darius fuller April 01, 2008
The taste of a guys balls after having not washed for many a day.
Sara: Nothin' worse than my boyfriend's Salty Balls - he never wash!
by Braku69 April 16, 2006
An Italian appetizer served mostly in authentic Italian pizzerias. They are round balls of pizza-like dough that has garlic or scalliions mixed in. The balls are then sprinkled rather liberally with salt.
"Wow man, you ate four salty balls? That's awesome!"
by Jonah J. July 04, 2006
salty balls..... as in cum = salty and eyeballs = balls
well in wales its commonly known as salty balls!!!
(as defined by ibizababe) ;)
I gave her salty balls last night and she was doing the dirty pirate!
by S April 14, 2005
To fap to porn after raging at any kind of FPS, A insult among gamers
xXPR0F4Z3Xx: y dont u tak ur salty balls sumwere eslse u scrub
by xXxDUKF4K3RxXx January 28, 2016
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