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a specialty cooked by the pimp character chef on the show south park. also refers to his balls.
Stick 'em in your mouth and suck 'em.- Chef, referring to his chocolate salty balls
by RMG October 27, 2004
A semi-affectionate term for night club podiums which the drunkest/most extrovert members of your party will want to dance on.
"Give us a leg up onto the slapper stand, they're playing 'Club Tropicana'!"
by rmg September 29, 2003
a game played by jews, rather than pin the tail on the donkey.
The Jew across the street invited me to play pin the nail on the jesus, but i told him hell no.
by RMG September 07, 2004
Precious stone
Combination of Ruby and Diamond
Rubianti likes chocolate
by RMg January 16, 2015

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