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Men that like to wear very long shorts.
Instead of the traditional swim trunks, Paul decided to go salfatta for a much cooler look.
by Walter April 15, 2005
When a man wears ladies clam digger shorts.
That dude is going salfatta with those shorts.
by Pat Reddington April 14, 2005
To carry the mutant MC1R gene that throws off redheads. A normal dark haired guy who can only have redhead children.
I was baffled when the doctor told us we had been salfatta as both of our twin boys had shocking red hair.

My sperm had the salfatta gene, just look at my kids!
by A Palumbo August 26, 2007
Male style of dress made popular by homosexuals and testemorphs in Chicago area.

Effeminate way for a man to wear his shorts.
Sal was turning on the boys when he decided to go salfatta with his shorts.

Sal whore his shorts so long that the testemorph screamed out, "get that salfatta and fuck him in the ass!".
by A. Palumbo August 27, 2007
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