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Used by the Corinnians to say "Hello" and "Good Bye"

Can also be used as praise for accomplishing a mediocre task, or something someone fucked up on.
"Salame my Niggas"

"I got my girlfriend pregnant"
by Corinnian69 March 26, 2007
A greeting in the language of the "Corinnians", an alien race that exists only in the mind of David Liebe Hart, noted LA cable access star. He actually believes the are real, and sings a song about them with a very scary looking puppet. This was featured on Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.
"Today we're gonna teach you a less that we're not alone in the universe, they have humanoids and they are living among us, and they are from another star..."
"Tell me the name of those critters."
"My favorite race is called the Corinnians, and when they say hellos and goodbyes the say Salamé!"
"And I just made up a song about it."
"Can I learn that song?"
"You sure can."

Go into the light until we meet again
That's what the corinnians say again and again
Knowledge is power,
it grows like a flower

Go into the light until we meet again
That's what the corinnians say again and again
Lightyears and lightyears,
try not to shed no tears

by Red Tuttle December 01, 2007
Hello and good bye is the main interpretation. However, the root derives from the Corriniean language. Knowledge is power.
"It grows like a flower."
by INARAINBOWS October 10, 2007
How the Corinians say hello and goodbye.
Try not to shed no tears. Salame! Salame!
by digit March 09, 2007
1) Meaning Hello, or Goodbye in the Korrinian language.

2) Sometimes used to describe an intoxicated state.

3) Used to express extreme shock or alarm.
"Salamé my brother"

"I'm feeling pretty fucking Salaméd yo"

by +_*~Salamé~*_+ May 16, 2010
tonto, tontin, stupid, dumb, used in Argentine slang.
"Que te pasa salame, no podes ser tan tonto"
by afa78djd December 20, 2008
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