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3 definitions by Nastaran

The guy who plays "spike" in Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
girl 1: what's with spike's white hair?
girl 2: james marsters is hott,don't cuss his hair.
by Nastaran January 18, 2006
148 8
1.In arabic: peace
2.In persian/Farsi: hello
2."salam chetori?" means "hi how are you?"
by Nastaran November 08, 2006
146 28
the real name of the rapper nelly.
boy 1: nelly's song grillz is so buff man!
Boy 2: you know his real name is cornell haynes,jr.
boy 1: who cares!?
boy 2:real fans.*rollz eyes*
by Nastaran March 06, 2006
23 6