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1.In arabic: peace
2.In persian/Farsi: hello
2."salam chetori?" means "hi how are you?"
by Nastaran November 08, 2006
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It means Peace in Arabic language, also you can say Salam Alaikom, which means Peace be upon you.
Mohammed: Salam Alaikom

RE : Wa Alaikom alsalam.
by Saleh February 01, 2004
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"Hi" in Arabic. You could say "ASSALAMU ALAIKUM" as well
A: Salam.
B: Alikum Al Salam.
by Checkmate January 30, 2007
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This word is used in the Arabic language and also the Ethiopian language in Amharic. The meaning is used as peace. Or in arabic. Salam allakioum which means peace be upon you.
by a reallly nice person February 21, 2013
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SALAM In Arabic Means

Used Also As A Name For Allah

But When You Said PEACE BE ON YOU OR "Salamo Aliko"
It Mean That You Wish If You Don't Have Any
Hard Feeling Twoard The Other Person

MUSLIMS Beleive That The Word
SALAM Is The First Word They Will Said To Allah
When They Met Him

And In The QURAN You Will Found It
Hundres Times

So It Is A Great Word, Isn't It
Look,The Dog And Cat Live In Peace ! Ya Salam
by Muhammed7 December 14, 2007
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Exactly as the guy below me said
Ne1 who thinks its an insult is an ignorrant racist bastard
Salam ailakeoum
Wa alikeom al salam
by ray April 04, 2004
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salam kiram dahanet:hi wats up
by messenger113 December 07, 2008
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