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upscale and high fashion
that jacket is SO Saks!
by starwarsjediyoda June 21, 2005
To go all out on a pussy as in 69, fingering, fisting, and fucking till vaginal tearing is complete
Yo I sakked her pussy so hard last night, she started crying!!!
by ISAKFORLIFE December 21, 2010
A upscale retailer where your entire paycheck will only get you a Chinese-made handkerchief labeled D&G.
Plastic#1: OMG! where did you get that D&G handky?

Plastic #2: At Saks.

Plastic #1: Did you pull a Wynona?

Plastic #2: Absolutely not! I bought it.
by The Boring OC July 31, 2009
Sigma Alpha Kappa. A fraternity created by a member of the JMU MRD tuba section for those who possess excessive amounts of volume and great musical abilities.
PJ:Man, I really fuckin' hate those SAK guys, they really annoy the shit out of me."
Gio: Yeah but without em, the section would sound like shit.
by aSAKbrother December 02, 2011
A knotty clump of hair behind your neck. It can also be the hair behind your neck when your ponytail has become loose.
Please redo your ponytail; it has a sak. Eww I dont like you, you have a sak.
by Merry161 October 02, 2006
A large bag of balls with a weaner attached.
It ball sak dumbass
by Big Sak October 26, 2003
Another word for Sack. see sack for the definition(s).)
Ball Sak
by Jinja February 08, 2003